Flowdan – One Shell Fits All EP

Grime veteran and original Roll Deep crew member Flowdan has gathered his musical knowledge and experience to create his own record label – Spentshell. With a career that has spanned nearly two decades, nobody would deny the Big Flowdan, the right to sit in the Director’s chair. As well as creating the fresh new label, he has turned his hand to production, having already produced ‘Million Ways’ and ‘Get my Trim’ from the PK ‘Bad Ombre’ EP, as well as ‘Sniper Eye’ for GHSTLY XXVII’s EP ‘Guerilla Tactics’, Spentshell’s first and second releases respectively. Spentshell can be described as the new label that boasts the grimiest, hard hitting-new talent accompanied by
fresh rhythms straight from the basement of Grime. Flowdan presents us with his latest musical offering, ‘One Shell Fits All’, the third release from the label.

His 4 track EP exhibits lively, jaunty production that’s been blessed with his unique bassy, melodic vocals. Though his usual Jamaican patois is absent, you get a sense of that very style, just from the energy and dancehall vibes with which he spits.

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