P Money & Little Dee Discuss Back 2 Back, Reveals OGz EP On The Way

With the highly anticipated Back 2 Back EP on the way, P Money and Little Dee discuss the upcoming project whilst premiering their new single “Paranoia” with Complex.

P Money describes how Back 2 Back came around:

It was just well overdue. We’ve been friends for, like, 16/17 years and we always made banging tracks together, just never a full project. I think the hype and feedback from the freestyle was the main inspiration.”

Whilst the South London MC also announced that a new OGz are still around, with an EP on the way, completely produced by DaVinChe: 

Yeah, man, it always will be as it’s more than just a crew: it’s mandem, it’s family. We do stuff individually but we always come together whether it’s to feature or do sets, or appear at each other’s show. We have an EP with DaVinChe fully completed and ready to go as well.”

Read the full interview via Complex and listen to the new track “Paranoia” HERE

P Money & Little Dee’s Back 2 Back EP is due to be released on the 27th July.

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