Exclusive: Rude Kid Talks New Single "Please Don’t", Favourite Kiss Sets & More

We sat with Rude Kid at the launch party for his new single “Please Don’t” featuring Nahli for an exclusive interview.

Grime Culture: How did you know “Please Don’t” was the single to go with?

Rude Kid: This is the one cause, when I made it, I had it on repeat. When tunes like that come around… let the world hear it. That’s how I feel. This is something I’ve been listening to on repeat and I’m still not sick of it! So I want people to enjoy it, it’s a Garage tune, something different-ish from me, I love it, I just want people to enjoy it.

GC: Who’s Nahli? How did the two of you link up?

RK: She’s a singer, she used to be in a band and that’s where I know her from. She had put up a clip of herself singing on her instagram and I was like “you are sounding sick! I messaged her saying lets get in the studio”. And you know DaVinChe? He manages her. DaVinChe actually wrote the song as well, with her. So they came down, I showed them a beat and they were like “yeah it’s sounding good!”.

GC: Would you consider yourself a Grime producer?

RK: Nah. I’m known for making Grime but I wouldn’t call myself that. I would [just] call myself a producer.

GC: How important is it for producers to try different sounds?

RK: Very important! Cause if I made the same sounding music over and over again, I’m sure you wouldn’t even listen to me. So it gets boring. It’s very important to make different styles. When I started [producing] I had “Are You Ready?” in every tune,  cause every song is different. Every tune I make is different. If the tunes didn’t have “Are You Ready?” in it, you wouldn’t even know I made it!

GC: Did having your own radio show at Kiss FM change your perspective on the music industry? 

RK: Not really cause me as a producer, that’s one job, me as a DJ, that’s one job, me as a radio presenter, that’s one job. So I treat everything different. As a DJ I treat that profession separate, as a producer, the way I make beats, that’s separate and the presenting thing, that’s a different lane too.

GC: What’s your favourite set so far?

RK: Me and the team at Kiss talk about this too! “What’s your favourite one?” and  I don’t know! I’m just gonna say the D Double E and Footsie one cause that was my first one. To me, that was my favourite cause it was the first one. Some of them were sick, I liked the Christmas sets. The first Christmas set I done on there was sick, even the last one.

GC: Are we going to see another joint EP with you and Ghetts in the future?

RK: Yeah! Ghetts has got his thing at the moment, I know he’s about to drop an album, I got my singles coming and lots of other work. When the time’s right we’ll do it and probably just put it out quickly.

GC: What’s next for Rude Kid?

RK: Singles! I got this one coming [Please Don’t] and then I’ve got another coming, then another one! My thing now is just to hit people with singles like bam bam bam bam! It’s important to have music out, as much music as possible but not too much cause people get bored of you. I might drop an instrumental EP cause people are bugging me. I might do that soon.

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