Dapz On The Map Explains Getting JME for Off To Work, Signing with Insanity/Sony & More

Dapz On The Map looks to be fulfilling his potential after being named in Complex’s MC to watch out for in 2017 and he now sits with Complex in an in depth interview on his career.

The Birmingham MC breaks down how he got JME to feature on his hit “Off To Work”:

“Jme had been posting my songs online and I messaged him saying that I needed him to jump on my next project because he understands my sound. Once I got confirmation he was on it, I started looking for a “Man Don’t Care” type of beat but struggled. I was originally gonna put “Off To Work” after “Mini Valet” as a bonus hidden track on my project, but after showing my people, they didn’t agree with the idea as the tune was so catchy. They wanted the song by itself, but I only had one verse at the time and didn’t want to add anything to it. Then [producer] Thomas Mellor told me to “use my Jme card—he’s already told you he’d work with you and the vibe would suit him.” So I sent it to Jme and in about two weeks, I checked my emails and it was there. I was gassed!”

He also explains signing a major label deal with Insanity/Sony:

“I’ve been in talks with different record labels since early last year. I think I sat down with five different labels in total, but I left each meeting with more knowledge about myself and the game that I’m in. You’ve gotta be patient and learn to deal with disappointment, so to speak. Not everyone will hear you and say “yes.” Insanity/Sony were the last to approach me, but had been in contact with my management for quite some time before they even met me. They came down to Brum to introduce themselves to me, which I respected a lot seeing as they were the only ones that did, and explained where they saw me growing and how they could help. I’m all about energy, and I have a pretty good judge of character, so from meeting the guys I knew it was the right choice to make.”

Dapz On The Map is on the rise, he also discusses potential joint EP with Jaykae in the future, highlights of his career, current state of Grime and much more.

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